Syrian refugees and health care

As you know, the Canadian government is making good on its commitment to welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees from now until March 2016. Ten thousand refugees will make their way to Canadian soil before the end of December 2015. HealthCareCAN wants to do its part to welcome them.

HealthCareCAN has been in touch with officials from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) which oversees the health angle of the resettlement process of Syrian refugees. The Agency has shared very valuable and useful documentation which explains the process and provides important information for health care providers. As the resettlement proceeds, PHAC has committed to keeping HealthCareCAN informed of all new developments. We are happy to make these documents available to our members on this webpage as well as other resources that would be of use to you.

We will update this page as new information comes along. Please visit us often!

Map of destination communities and service provider organizations

The Government of Canada provides settlement and resettlement services through several hundred IRCC-funded service provider organizations in large and small communities across Canada. You can access the government’s map here to find the 36 communities where there is an existing Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) service provider organization.

Many of the 25,000 Syrian refugees arriving in Canada by the end of February 2016 will be government assisted refugees (GARs) and will initially go to those 36 communities. Upon arrival in these communities, refugees will receive immediate and specialized service supports. Then they will be settled into permanent accommodation either in those cities, or in surrounding communities where they will have access to settlement service providers.

Many other refugees will be privately sponsored by organizations and groups of Canadians. These refugees will go to a wide variety of communities, large and small, across the country where their sponsors are located. The map below also shows communities where private sponsors have put forth an application for a Syrian refugee that is currently being processed but has not yet received a decision.

Access the map

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