HealthCareCAN Strategic Plan



HealthCareCAN is embarking on our 2024-2029 strategic plan at a time when health care systems across the country are facing significant disruptors. These include: Pandemic recovery, financial pressure, health human resource challenges – including the need to better support resilience and emotional health – and responding to an aging population with more complex and chronic conditions requiring increasing healthcare support. The lack of increased funding for health research and the need for more creative approaches to addressing health system reform in Canada are other major issues requiring urgent attention.

It is in this daunting environment that all of those working in the health care system – including those working in our member institutions – have been navigating hurdles and supporting Canadians every single day, rising to and overcoming every challenge, working to make our system better in the process.

As the national voice of hospitals, health authorities, healthcare and health research organizations across Canada, HealthCareCAN’s focus in the coming years will be to drive the evolution of our health system to champion health research as a federal government priority, support system sustainability and equity, empower leadership and professional development and unite, support and serve our members. We will also strive to better integrate and coordinate the various levels of care across the system.


Our values


We create safe and inclusive spaces and networks for dialogue, debate, advocacy, mutual support and learning.


We engage, listen, design and evolve together by combining strengths and voices to impact change.


We seek to learn and to understand other perspectives and needs to inform and guide our actions, services and products.


We are nimble and quick in anticipating, responding and adapting.

HealthCareCAN is headquartered in Ottawa on the unceded and unsurrendered land of the Anishinaabe Algonquin Nation. As a national organization with member institutions located across Canada, HealthCareCAN honours and respects all First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples, their valuable past and present contributions to this land, and the important role they play in Canada’s future. HealthCareCAN is committed to advancing and supporting efforts to ensure fair and equitable access to quality and culturally safe healthcare services for all Indigenous Peoples from coast to coast to coast.

Our vision & mission


Healthy Canadians supported by a world-leading health system.


To unite and empower healthcare and health research leaders to build a better, more equitable health system for the people of Canada.

At this critical juncture, there is a need for healthcare organizations – both individually, and collectively – to consider their role in advancing bold change for Canada’s health system, and to commit to a new level of partnership to do so collaboratively. HealthCareCAN, on behalf of its members, is ready to answer the call for change and seek greater commitment from the federal government to support health research and a new vision for health in Canada.

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Dr. Michael Gardam
Chair, HealthCareCAN
Board of Directors

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Paul-Émile Cloutier
President & CEO

HealthCareCAN commits to answering the call for change in four key pillars.

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Champion the Canadian Health Research Ecosystem
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Advocate for a Sustainable and Equitable Health System
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Empower Leadership and Professional Development
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Unite, Support and Serve Members

Priority 1: Champion the Canadian Health Research Ecosystem

HealthCareCAN will:

Champion investments in health-related research.

Partner with members in innovation, knowledge exchange and implementation of the research ecosystem.

Promote and leverage our member excellence to demonstrate the value of health research.

HealthCareCAN will redouble its efforts as the leading national champion of the vital role that health research plays in creating a sustainable, equitable, and high-quality health care system for the people of Canada.

Over the 2024-29 period, our focus will be to increase investment in Canadian health research and to support the application of research findings toward the provision of world-class health care in Canadian healthcare institutions. In doing so, we will demonstrate that Canada’s health research sector is a driver of economic growth, innovation, and better health.

As the only national voice of hospitals, health authorities, healthcare and health research organizations across the health care system in Canada, HealthCareCAN is uniquely positioned to increase its leadership in this space. HealthCareCAN’s voice is informed by the perspectives of its members across the health system, enabling us to offer thought leadership to support the application of health research findings and the commercialization of groundbreaking research in a well-functioning health system.

Through this role, HealthCareCAN will advance and support the ongoing work and expertise of our members through our advocacy positions and demonstrate the value of investing in health research and commercialization. This will be achieved by engaging our members at all levels. We will also commit to partnering strategically with others invested in this cause to strengthen our voice and maximize our impact on this topic of critical importance.


Priority 2: Advocate for a Sustainable and Equitable Health System

HealthCareCAN will:

Convene health system leaders to reform the health system, and drive quality improvement and people-centered care.

Be the go-to voice for government and public on time-sensitive health system issues including strengthening our health workforce.

Advance innovative solutions that transform the health system through inter-sectoral partnerships.

As the imperative for health system transformation grows, HealthCareCAN remains committed to its role as the “go-to” advocate for a sustainable and equitable health system. HealthCareCAN has a unique role to play as a thought leader, agent of change, and convener of other health system leaders across the country – drawing upon the deep expertise and diverse experiences of our pan-Canadian membership base, to shape health system change in years to come.

While HealthCareCAN will remain agile to respond to emerging needs and issues facing our membership, we expect to focus our efforts on advancing innovative solutions to support a value-based health system that optimizes the use of research-informed best practices and addresses ongoing health human resources challenges. We need to make sure that our advocacy around health human resources is a key component of this transformation. HealthCareCAN’s role in this area will evolve towards an active facilitator of health system dialogues, and influencer of government priorities and policies.

Over the 2024-29 period, HealthCareCAN will create meaningful engagement opportunities for its members and health care leaders across Canada through new and existing forums, such as committees, events, and coalitions of health system peers. In doing so, HealthCareCAN will become a hub for policy, leadership, and health research, advancing and owning creative solutions to support the long-term sustainability of Canada’s health system.


Priority 3: Empower Leadership and Professional Development

HealthCareCAN will:

Grow our professional development division to meet the needs of membership and the health system.

Increase awareness and use of our various learning programs and services.

Reinforce the value of our learning programs and services to enable health system transformation.

HealthCareCAN continues to invest in the future of healthcare through its leadership and professional development division, CHA Learning. CHA Learning is Canada’s only national, online healthcare learning provider and over its 70-plus year existence, it has helped develop tens of thousands of healthcare professionals all over Canada, filling critical gaps in knowledge and skill in a way that is innovative, flexible, accessible, and affordable. Through its learning programs and services, CHA Learning enables system innovations, encourages new leadership and thinking, and strengthens the critical values necessary for the health system transformation championed by HealthCareCAN.

Over the 2024-29 period, HealthCareCAN will assess and implement how it can deepen the quality and quantity of its learning offerings, supporting HealthCareCAN’s membership and the broader healthcare community. As the healthcare needs of Canadians evolve, so too must their system of healthcare and the people who work in it. Closely aligned with our objectives to advocate for a sustainable and equitable health system, HealthCareCAN and CHA Learning will support this necessary evolution by providing health leaders with the tools and information that will empower them to become agents of change while also supporting the development of future leaders for our healthcare system.


Priority 4: Unite, Support and Serve Members

HealthCareCAN will:

Retain, expand and diversify our membership to represent the full continuum of care.

Strengthen engagement with member organizations.

Respond to both current and future member needs.

Continually demonstrate our value to current and future member organizations.

Our members are the leaders of health transformation in Canada, and we are their voices. Our strategic priorities for the 2024-29 period focus on the need to champion the Canadian health research ecosystem, advocate for a sustainable and equitable health system and to empower leadership and professional development. All these priorities have our members – who support people-centred care – at their heart.

We will continue to proudly champion our members’ successes, support their efforts to improve health care and advocate to governments to give them the support they need to be successful building and rebuilding the Canadian health system.

Through membership in HealthCareCAN, our members connect, learn, and drive system-wide change to adapt to the evolving health needs of Canadians across the country. Through this strategic plan, we will enhance our priority objectives with deeper member engagement, spread and scale member innovations, and continuously improve our services to members. We will put in place creative and innovative engagement approaches communication approaches to ensure that our members are always aware of our initiatives, goals, and successes. We will strengthen the network and take every opportunity to facilitate dialogues between our members and other groups.