2019-2021 Strategic Plan

A roadmap to take us to the next level of advocacy, where we will continue to extend our efforts in support of enhancing access to high-quality health care, policy, research and leadership development.


Innovating for the Future

HealthCareCAN unites health organizations across Canada, networking their individual strengths to catalyze and capitalize on the disruptive innovation occurring in health. We connect the innovators and help create the conditions that allow new ideas to permeate across boundaries and take root in new soil.

We strive to advocate for our members who work to enhance access to high-quality health services for Canadians across the full continuum of health care. We also remain committed to empowering professionals through best-in-class learning programs that respond to the unique education and leadership development needs of our members and their dedicated staff.


David Diamond
Chair, Board of Directors

Paul-Émile Cloutier
President & CEO

Now more than ever there must be a clear, clarion call for action at the federal and provincial levels to transform our health system to meet the needs of patients now and into the future.

HealthCareCAN is that national voice of action.

Our Vision & Mission



Healthy Canadians supported by a world-leading health system.


To deliver high-quality products and services to members in support of health system innovation and transformation.

The frontline health organizations and health researchers that comprise our membership give HealthCareCAN the critical perspective needed to seize collaborative and innovative opportunities to drive change. Our dedicated members separate us from the many competing organizations and raise our voice above the din.

Our Value Proposition

Based on the needs identified by the healthcare community of practice across Canada, HealthCareCAN will focus on three Key Result Areas (KRAs). While being flexible to allow HealthCareCAN to respond to system changes and emerging opportunities, these KRAs also show where HealthCareCAN intends to make an impact.

Our Key Result Areas

Engagement & Representation

Be the unifying force to advance our members’ views and create national policies to enhance health and health research.

Research & Policy Advocacy

Enable transformation of the health system through national dialogues that inform and shape our research, innovation, insights, and advocacy efforts across the continuum of care.

Professional Development

Leverage our unique position to contribute to the education and development of health system leaders and leadership.


  • Unite and strengthen diverse voices seeking to improve health in Canada.
  • Be the source of relevant, national positions on member issues.
  • Champion members’ interests and issues to federal decision-makers, other levels of government and health stakeholders.


  • Members feel highly engaged and connected through participation in a regular engagement process that monitors, gathers and reflects their priorities.
  • Our clear understanding of member interests and their strong engagement shape our actions and efforts.
  • HealthCareCAN drives a national conversation based on the successes, contributions and experiences of our members.


  • Unite and mobilize our members in collective action on key advocacy priorities.
  • Encourage uptake of enhanced health delivery models that better meet the needs of Canadians.
  • Deliver timely insight and perspective on emerging issues to members, governments and health system stakeholders.


  • Clear, focused messages determined by our members are sought out by government and health stakeholders.
  • Our research advocacy and policy priorities contribute to health system transformation.
  • Our work improves access to research and innovation funding for our members and identifies new support opportunities.


  • Empower health professional with the knowledge, skills, and relationships to lead health system improvement.
  • Provide essential professional development products that complement and respond to the needs of our members.
  • Connect our members and students to thought leadership across Canada and internationally.


  • Health leaders are equipped with the capabilities to effectively lead health system transformation and deliver high-quality health services.
  • HealthCareCAN is a recognized and trusted provider of leading and relevant professional development products and services delivered in an innovative and effective manner.
  • We are a sought-after partner by health and professional development organizations.

HealthCareCAN‘s Values





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